Optical Fire Studios
Optical Fire Studios, LLC
An American-made, green company

+ We care about the environment

• Carbon Neutral Hosting: All of our website hosting is 100% carbon neutral.

• We Recycle: We participate in the proper recycling of old computers to help keep dangerous chemicals out of our soil and waterways.

Our Employees Care: Our eco-friendly outlook doesn't stop at our Ruston office. We allow our employees to work from home. This keeps cars off the road – increasing the car life and saving gas consumption.

We Work on Apples: We are a Mac only shop. Apple computer has pledged to integrate sustainability and environmentalism into their daily practices.


+ American Made. American Owned.

Today many design firms are outsourcing their work to India, China, and other overseas companies. Everything we do is done in America.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their dreams end up online, on paper, or on video. When you ask us to handle your job, you know you are dealing with someone who can handle your project and can easily communicate your message to your customers.

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